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Botanea is a 100% Herbal Professional Haircolor composed of only 3 herbal ingredients: Cassia, Henna and Indigo, carefully cultivated and harvested in India.

Only your haircoluorist is able to mix these powders to create infinite tailor-made recipes for a full palette from blonde to brown, from warm to cool.

Only your haircolourist can blend up greys thanks to a professional layering technique.

Working with local communities

L’Oréal Professionnel launched a 3-year-programme to responsibly source Botanéa in India. Our goal is to develop the social economic situation of farmers with local cooperatives, but also to improve and share good agricultural practices in order to create sustainable sources of income.

The best of nature and research

From only 3 ingredients harvested in India to our laboratories, L’Oréal Professionnel has brought together the best of nature and scientific research to create Botanéa. Indigo, Cassia and Henna are at the heart of the first 100% herbal haircolor from L’Oréal Professionnel.

Sustainable packaging

The Botanéa powders are presented in transparent, refillable cube jars and made with PET plastic recycled up to 50%. The refills are delivered to hairdressers in airtight sachets made with FSC-certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) from responsibly managed forests

A solution 
for all women

When its three powders are mixed with hot water, L’Oréal Professionnel’s herbal haircolor enables colorists to create a wide range of tones and tailor them to each client. These three herbal powders deliver personalized color results, from light blonde to dark brown, and white hair is blended for a natural result.

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Its leaves release warm copper dyes ideal for preparing blonde, copper or brown shades.


Its leaves contain dyes that deliver color results varying from blue to purple, ideal to brown or dark bases, in combination with henna.


Grown in several regions of India, it was selected by L’Oreal Research to be used by colourists as an adjuster and luminizer.

BOTANEA is created with SOURCE ESSENTIELLE in mind! SOURCE ESSENTIELLE is our new natural hair care line. 80%- 90% natural shampoo, conditioner, masques and oil. Not to mention the refillable shampoo option!

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Calendula, lavender, jasmine and immortelle flowers, as well as acacia leaves... L’Oréal Professionnel has incorporated carefully chosen flowers or leaves into each of its Source Essentielle shampoos and oils. To ensure that these inclusions do not affect the clarity of the formulas and remain in suspension, the L’Oréal laboratories set up a very rigorous process. To ensure that the inclusions are distributed evenly and held in suspension in an aqueous solution, the researchers identifed a natural gum – Gellan gum – which creates a sort of invisible structure within the aqueous solution.


Surfactants are the core ingredients of a shampoo: they give it its cleansing properties, make it foam (or not) and can also give it a soft and silky feel. The L’Oréal researchers wanted to obtain the same level of performance and cosmetic results as those offered by a conventional shampoo, but using naturally derived ingredients. To do this, they developed two specific technologies: one for the Source Essentielle ranges for dry and colored hair, the other for the ranges for normal hair and delicate scalp. 

Each of these technologies is based on a very precise balance of carefully selected surfactants and cosmetic agents.


To help women to consume even more responsibly, L’Oréal Professionnel mentions both the origin and function of most of the ingredients present in each Source Essentielle product, on the back of the bottle. As with all the other products, the brand does not just describe the 96% naturally derived ingredients in detail. It also adds that the ‘4% remaining ingredients are necessary to guarantee the sensorial qualities and preservation of the formula.

Calendula, lavender, jasmine and immortelle flowers, as well as acacia leaves…


The packaging is intentionally square-shaped, to hold a maximum amount of product in a minimum amount of plastic. This shape also means that the products stack together perfectly, so that shampoos are better palletized and transportation space is optimised.


Source Essentielle allows consumers to come and refill their shampoo bottles directly at the salon. The equivalent of the weight of a bottle is saved.

Livia will be our in salon specialist! Click the link to view her page!