Grotto Hair Studio

Stratford's premier hair studio, bringing big city style closer to home.





Week 1:  Wednesday 2-8, Friday 2-8, Saturday 8-4

Week 2:  Friday 8-8, Saturday 8-4

***Christina is currently on Maternity leave after adding to their family little Austin

Why I want to be in the industry:
I love making people feel beautiful.  To have the ability to boost someone's confidence and make them feel more beautiful and confident then when they walked in is a true gift. I also love the creativity and artistic side of this industry, with styles constantly changing and evolving you are constantly learning and developing new skill sets.

What is your favourite thing to do Behind the chair?:
I love doing colour. I love balayage and the creativity that comes with painting someone's hair and giving them a beautifully blended colour

What goal do you have in the industry:
My goal is simple, to learn the most I can and to become the best Stylist that I can be, who is constantly making people feel beautiful and more confident then when they sit down in my chair.