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HOURS: Monday 8-8, Wednesday 8-8


Jaclynn is on Maternity leave after adding to their family sweet little Frankie Mae and returning to work JUNE 3rd 2019

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Name: Jaclynn

Position: Master Stylist

Speciality: I love to cut hair! Short hair, bobs of all types, curly hair and long lengths with texture. 

Professional Achievements: Achieving all goals and requirements that allowed me to climb each level at Grotto Hair Studio to become a Diamond Stylist with dedication and determination. Looking forward to continue to focus on reaching the next and final level and becoming a Platinum Stylist. Being able to offer my assistance and knowledge to co-workers on a daily basis. 

Education: Colour Keys to Colour I, Colour Keys to Colour II, L'Oreal Colour Change, L'Oreal Expert Hair Care Seminar, Pete Mahoney Unleash Your Potential for Growth, Redken Education Connection Kerastase Styling Class, Susan Carter Balayage Master Class, Matthew Collins Women's Cutting  Master Class, Frank Cini Updo Master Class, Envy Barbering with Sheriff Mehmet and Mike Taylor Master Barbering Class, as well as on going monthly in salon training.

Favourite Products: 

                                     L'Oreal Professionnel- Beach Waves

                                      Kerastase- Intialiste, Bain GL, Stimuliste Treatments, Chromatique conditioner and Materialiste


Best year for hair: I love learning something new from each year of hair, but I have to say we are currently in the best few years of hair! Love the softness, texture and natural pretty looks of today!

Favourite decade: The 20's-mainly for the beginning of the "bob". I feel this decade shaped the way woman would wear their hair for years to come and still do today. Weather it was the structured short dramatic bob with a heavy fringe to the wavy bob with lots of movement and side swept fringe. Such an inspiration to have the freedom to look and feel feminine with short hair.

What do you love to do to relax: Spending time with babies, renovating my home, antique shopping with my husband, and of course cuddling with our two Boxer dog!

What's your biggest hair achievement?: Honestly I think my biggest achievement is every time a client feels confident, educated and smiles after their finished look. Really this is why I do what I do!

Who is your industry inspiration?: My work family! Working with such and amazing team everyday leaves me constantly inspired. Being able to inspire each other to be better not only from a professional stand point but also personal just doesn't get any better!

Favourite restaurant: Stratford is full of amazing restaurants, but one of my favourites is Pazzo's Pizzeria. Can't get enough of their ceaser salad and Caprese pizza! Yum!

What my co-workers say about me: Loving, kind to everyone, well respected, knows her stuff, encouraging to others, wants to continue to stay educated and improve her skills.

Genre of Music: Indie Folk may be my favourite, but I am super easy going and enjoy just about anything!

Fun fact about me: Small but mighty!!!

SPECIALTIES: Cutting, Pixie cuts, Brunettes, Razor cutting, Precision cutting

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