Grotto Hair Studio

Stratford's premier hair studio, bringing big city style closer to home.


Level: Director and Salon Owner


Hours: Tuesdays 9:30am -8pm

My name is Jillian Chambers, Owner and Operator of Grotto Hair Studio. It's hard to believe but I've now been in the hair industry for twenty years (that's over half my life!) In so many ways it feels like I've only just begun. Someone once said "The more you know, the more you realize the less you know." There are so many layers to this industry, no pun intended! And in the last nine years I've had the privileged of uncovering more of these layers in the hair industry.

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L’Oreal Professionnel and Kerastase Paris have invited me to participate in training around the World with "the best of the best in our industry". I consider this an honour to have travelled to Berlin, Rome, Paris, Mexico and Montreal to train with so many amazing stylists from around the World. 

These trips involve three days of exclusive, intense training on the newest trends in cuts and colours. I am incredibly fortunate to say that in most of these classes, I am one of thirty stylists invited to attend from Canada. I have met some fantastic people and am happy to stay in touch with my new found friends, and colleagues from throughout Canada and the World. We are able exchange ideas and happenings about the latest styles, products and tools in the industry. This exchange is keeping Grotto months ahead on fashion trends. For example we knew Pink would be the IT colour of spring 2014 in Fall of 2013.

As a stylist, I love working with thick hair; maybe that’s because I have thick unruly hair myself. I’ve always had the hair that no stylist could tame. When I was young, my mom tried her best to find someone to help tame it, but to no avail she eventually had it cut short. My hair would always grow “out/wide” not “down/long” and lacked shine because of it's dry texture. Really to describe my hair as a child, would be to reference a Chia-Pet. When I figured out what works with it, what products to use, and how to cut it, it made me feel a lot better about myself. I actually started to wear my hair down for a change rather than always tying it back.

Here's what I learned, the first thing to know about thick hair is this... chunking shears and texturizing shears are NOT our friends. All these shears do is accentuate our thick hair, rather than tame it. They create thicker roots and thin fuzzy ends. Secondly, I found using a masque, not an everyday conditioner is what "calms" it down. And thirdly, shampooing my hair everyday only dries it out even more- my hair can still be clean without shampooing it daily. Think of all the time I save now, not shampooing it daily!

I really enjoy playing or some may call it working with colour. I like to change up my client's colour (with their permission, of course!). I like to find hair colour that suit the client's skin tone, looks natural, yet is a little fun and makes people stop them on the street to compliment them on their hair. Many people think I'm a natural red head, nope... but I've found a formula that suits my skin tone, looks natural but has a bit of edge too. I like to do the same thing for my clients.

When you visit Grotto you will see that I love to work, not only behind the chair cutting and styling, but also training my staff, passing on all the information that I've learned through the incredible international opportunities that I've enjoyed in this career. I am so blessed to work with an amazing group of people on a daily basis. We have an incredible talented team of people, who we have the privledge of calling friends too.

I look forward to seeing you when you visit Grotto!