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Michelle is an Associate Stylist. Her hours are:

Week 1: Monday 8-2, Friday 2-8, Saturday 8-4

Week 2: Monday 8-2, Tuesday 2-8, Friday 2-8, Saturday 8-4

I started at Grotto June of 2016 as the front desk associate.  I loved the salon atmosphere and incredible team so much.  At that point in time I was also finishing my bachelor’s degree at Wilfrid Laurier University, loving my new job so much I began doubting the academic career goals I had been pursuing over the past few years.  Upon graduating in December, I decide it was time to try my hand in what really caught my attention, hairstyling.  A scary change since prior to that I wanted a career in law.

I first became intrigued with the hair industry at the L’oreal Colour trophy 2016, where I acted as Jillian and Alexia’s model.  We were fortunate enough to move on to semi-finals, which was a live show in Toronto.  Seeing the artistry present in the industry, and being surrounded by so many passionate stylists sparked my interest.  There was so much more to the industry than I could have ever imagined.

My goal in the industry is to learn as much as I can.  In university, I loved learning and constantly evolving, and being pushed to my limits.  I love that this industry gives me the same opportunity to constantly learn, grow and evolve while giving me the opportunity to create.

I'm most excited about cutting and styling hair!  I strongly believe that a good cut can make your mornings much easier.  Life gets so busy, having hair that you love and fits into your individual lifestyle is so important.  A great cut is truly the secret to having great and effortless hair days.  As a stylist I want to understand all textures of hair and  how they move and work; But mostly I want my clients to leave feeling in control of their hair, and not the other way around.

Fun Facts About Me:  I’m a foodie.  I LOVE to eat and try new things!  I especially love tacos.