Grotto Hair Studio

Stratford's premier hair studio, bringing big city style closer to home.

Ruth Kneider

Front Desk

I have been part of the Stratford community for most of my life and love the opportunities it has provided for my husband Richard, myself, our 3 daughters and their families. We had a restaurant business here for 10 years and appreciated getting to know so many people in this area. Of recent years, Richard and I have established a Not-for-Profit Charity and we have been overwhelmed at the kindness and generousity of the local population.

We knew it was a good city for Jillian to start a new businesss so....

Six and a half years ago Jillian took the initiative to open her own studio, and as family we all pitched in and gave her our support in ways only family could.

At that point I thought it would be a short stint to help her get the doors open and transition into this new business. Well, Grotto Hair Studio has been successful and lo and behold, I am still here!.. And still learning computer programs!

One of my favourite things about Grotto is the opportunity to meet the clients, who I might add are so varied. Young and mature alike...notice I did not say "old", everyone has a story. My desire is to be able to service these people to the best of my ability. It is such an encouragement for me to be able to offer an attentive ear to someone that may be having a challenging day and to hear them say at the end of their time spent at Grotto...Thanks for "everything".

Even though I am not a stylist, I have been trained in product knowledge, styling tools and the wonderful Shiastu Head Massage. It makes my day when a client asks if they could move into the shop to have their head massaged daily. You know that is a happy client!

One of my jobs at Grotto is to do the window dressing for the shop. I appreciate the opportunity to express my creative giftings through this medium by promoting products for the studio. It has been such a blessing to be recognized by Kerastase and L'Oreal as one of the best window displays on multiple occasions.

Grotto Hair Studio has one of the best staff I have ever worked with. They continually showing their support for one another as professionals and friends. There is never a day goes by that we don't experience a good laugh, which makes a pretty nice atmosphere to work in.

One day I will retire and spend even more time with my family but in the meantime I am enjoying the opportunity to meet new people and catching up with the familiar faces.