Hair Salon for Curly/Coily Hair

Welcome to Grotto Hair Studio, Stratford’s sanctuary for those with curly and coily crowns. Situated in the pulsating heart of Stratford, Grotto celebrates the beauty and individuality of each curl type.

Why Entrust Your Curls to Grotto?

Curl Craftsmanship: Our stylists are trained in the intricate art of curly and coily hair, ensuring each curl pops with definition and health.

Innovative Techniques: Grotto’s experts stay updated with the latest in curly and coily hair care, ensuring you receive the best.

Premium Curl Care: Our textured hair expertise is complemented by the extensive collection of premium products designed specifically for curly and coily hair. From L’Oreal Professional’s Curl Expression line to Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto line we can offer nourishing treatments to defining styling aids to help your hair achieve and maintain stunning, healthy curls. Elevate your curly hair experience with us.

Specialized Services:
  • Curly Cut & Shape: Tailored cuts that enhance your natural curl pattern.
  • Deep Hydration Treatments: Dive into moisture-rich treatments, essential for curl elasticity and shine.
  • Detangling & Styling: Gentle handling to define, shape, and style, without causing breakage.
  • Personalized Consultations: Learn to embrace and care for your unique curl type with our guidance.
Olive curly

Common Questions

Do you specialize in curly and coily hair types?

Yes, our stylists are trained in handling and styling curly and coily hair types. We understand the unique needs and nuances of such hair textures.

How can I maintain my curly/coily hairstyle after my salon visit?

We recommend using a leave-in conditioner, regular deep conditioning, and avoiding heat tools. Your stylist will provide specific product recommendations based on your hair type.

Can I get my hair coloured or highlighted without damaging my curls?

We use gentle, curl-friendly products and techniques for coloring to ensure minimal damage. However, all chemical processes have potential risks, so it’s essential to follow aftercare advice.

How often should I get my curly/coily hair trimmed?

Depending on your hair goals, we generally recommend trimming curly/coily hair every 2-3 months to maintain shape and remove split ends.

How should I prepare my hair for a curly cut or treatment?

Please come with your hair detangled and styled in its natural curl pattern, without any heavy products. This allows us to see your natural curl shape and provides a better cut.


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