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Grotto's Committment to Our Planet

At Grotto, we are deeply committed to our planet and strive to minimize our environmental impact through various sustainability practices.

We partner with suppliers and brands who share our values, opting for products packaged in recyclable materials and sourcing ingredients that are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested.

By incorporating sustainable practices into our daily operations, we aim to not only provide exceptional salon experiences but also contribute positively to the health and well-being of our planet.

Our Suppliers

reusable towels
biodegradable packaging
mesh foils

Our Brands

For many years, L’Oréal’s Professional Products Division has been committed to sustainability. We have embedded sustainability throughout our value chain from our products’ packaging and formulas to their production and transportation.

Today, the division is going even further with the launch of the Hairstylists for the Future program. This program that aims to engage hairstylists in their sustainable transition by focusing on improving waste management, reducing water consumption, and switching to renewable energy.

This initiative will continue to transform the hairstyling industry and embark hairstylists around the world on the sustainable journey.



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