Grotto Hair Studio

Stratford's premier hair studio, bringing big city style closer to home.


Bringing the best styling advice in the world,

closer to home.

From a rather simple start.

Its been quite a journey. When we started out our first shop here on york street, it's true that we really didn't know just how well we would be received.

Commitment & Quality

When the decision was made to become the most refined and skilled salon within 150kms it wasn't easy.

However, after plenty of plane trips, partnerships and deep friendships developing with other in the industry, that truly feel our same passion and vision for hair, our way has seemed more clear.

Its always great to be reminded, on just how loyal our customers are. We have plenty of clients that regularly make long drives, or even train rides to come and visit.

100% Style

The latest in style, is a moving target. We're committed to keeping on top of things, so that you don't have to.

  1. Semi - Anual training sessions in places like Rome, and Madrid.
  2. Regular staff training, through hands on teaching sessions.
  3. Hair competitions, that we regularly enter, that keep us on our toes, and let us know how we stack up.

Its great to know that even though we share Stratford with as many as 36 other salons. We really don't have much in the way of "competition" in the usual sense of the word. We blaze our own trail. If you want the best. Come to Grotto.



Some of the biggest mistakes in my life were haircuts.
— Jim Morrison