Position: Level 3 Stylist

Portfolio / Instagram: @amberlyk.grottostylist

Hours of Availability: Tuesday 8-2, Friday 2-8, Saturday 8-4

Specialty: Barbering, Short Hair, Textured Hair, Creative Colour

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Why Hairstyling? I love being able to constantly stretch my passion for creativity behind the chair and continuing to grow my skillset.


My favourite thing to do as a stylist: I am obsessed with the 50s/60s hairstyles! The amount of work that went into these styles is something that most of us cannot imagine doing even once a week!


What’s made you the stylist you are today: I have had the opportunity to use my hairstylist skills in theatre, independent films, and fashion photoshoots all over Ontario on top of a variety of different salons and barber shops across. With these opportunities, it’s really allowed me to learn so much about the diversity and creativity you can have fun within the hair industry.


The ideal clientele: I am a cut specialist so I love working with clients who are looking for a style that allows me to use my technical skills!


My favourite / must-have hair product:

  • Kerastase Extensioniste Thermique
  • Kerastase Fresh Affair
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