Position: Level 5A Stylist, Kerastase Care Coach

Portfolio / Instagram: @jaclynngrottostylist

Hours: Monday 8:30-8, Wednesday 8:30-8

Specialty: Cutting, Pixie cuts, Textured bobs and longer lengths, Razor cutting, Precision cutting, Brunettes, Product knowledge, waxing.

Jaclynn (Jac)

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Why Hairstyling? Helping my clients to feel confident and happy, by giving them the knowledge and skills to be able to recreate their hair at home.


Your favourite thing to do as a stylist: Short or long, I love creating looks with texture and movement. Razor cuts are my favourite. I also enjoy colouring hair to create soft, believable looks.

What’s made you the stylist you are today:
Over the years I’ve had a strong focus on always pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Being open to try new things and never assuming I know it all. Continually growing, educating myself and never being afraid to ask questions. This industry is always changing and evolving and I think being willing to learn and grow and keep up with those changes is what has helped to create the stylist I am today.


The ideal clientele: I love connecting with every person who sits in my chair. As a mom of 3 young kids who has dealt with my own postpartum hair journey, I especially love working with and educating clients who have been struggling with postpartum hair loss, and those who are looking to get a fresh cut/style to help find their spark again.

My clientele has also gravitated towards mature clients who are looking for grey coverage and helping to bring back the shine, softness and movement that can often be lost as the hair begins to grey and the texture changes and becomes more coarse. And for those clients who choose to embrace their greying hair, I find having conversations about bringing more colour to your face with subtle makeup changes, or how a shift in your wardrobe (ie/ transition from fall/autumn tones into jewel tones) can help you to truly fall in love with your transitioning hair colour.


My favourite / must-have hair product: 

  • Kerastase Genesis line – I love understanding hair loss, why it happens, and how to prevent loss and stimulate new growth.
  • Kerastase Fresh Affair – Dry shampoo. Instantly absorbs oil on hair and scalp,smells amazing, and no white residue.
  • L’Oréal Beach Waves – I am a Kerastase lover through and through, but I can’t be without my L’Oréal Beach Waves Spray. I am obsessed with the smell, and it gives the most amazing texture to the hair. Curly or straight.
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