Leah Anne

Position: Level 4A Stylist, Kerastase Care Coach

Portfolio / Instagram: @leahannegrottostylist

Hours of Availability:

  • Week 1: Monday 9-8, Tuesday 9-8, and Friday 9-8.
  • Week 2: Monday 9-8, Tuesday 9-8

Speciality: Men’s cuts and Women’s long hair.

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Why Hairstyling? I love the relationships I develop with my clients and the way I’m able to make my clients feel amazing about them selves with showing them how to maintain the look!


Your favourite thing to do as a stylist: Men’s cuts, Long hair, Fashion Colours, Colour Change, Balayage treatment


What’s made you the stylist you are today: I’ve worked in the salon industry for 12 years now and am grateful for all of the ongoing professional growth I’ve had behind the chair and in other areas. For example, I was the make-up artist for Grotto for 5 years and did the Contessa make-up. I have had a photo of hair featured in Wedding Ring Magazine Canada.


Ideal clientele: I love helping clients refresh their colour and finding the best shade to suit their skin tone and personality!


Favourite / Must-have Products:

  • L’Oreal Professionnel 10-in-1 leave in spray
  • Kerastase – GL line shampoo and leave in spray
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