Kerastase Première Concentré Décalcifant Ultra-Réparateur Hair Treatment


A dual-action decalcifying and repairing pre-shampoo hair treatment for damaged hair. Removes calcium and reinforces hair strength, leaving it stronger, smoother, and shinier.

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Product Benefits: 

✔ Decalcifies* and dramatically repairs persistent damage.
✔ Reverses stiffness and dullness
✔ Reconnects broken links between keratin chains* for an inner structure reinforcement

✔ Recreates 99% of hair’s original strength*
✔ +97% inner structure reinforcement*
✔ 93% less breakage**
✔ 75% more shine**


*Instrumental test after 6 applications of Première Concentré + Bain + Fondant/Masque
**Instrumental test

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Best For

All Hair Types, Breakage, Damaged Hair


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