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Week 1: Tuesday 10-8, Wednesday 8-8, Friday 8-2, Saturday 8-4.

Week 2: Tuesday 8-8, Wednesday 8-8, Friday 8-8


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Name: Josy 

Position: STYLIST

Speciality: Styling, Updo's, Blondes (foils, balayage, global)

Professional Achievements: I am currently being trained as an Artistic Educator for L'Oreal Professionnel. Training seminars take place at the Academy in Toronto every other month. This will lead to teaching classes of my own in local salons that focus on styling and product knowledge.

Education: Marvel Beauty School, Matthew Collins Women's Master Cutting Class, Men's Barbering Master Class, Susan Carter Principals of Balayage, Frank Cini Updo Class. Within L'Oreal: C.A.R.E Specialist, Colour Keys, Colour Change, Colour Expert. 

Favourite Products: L'Oreal Professionnel: Air Fix Hairspray

                                      Kerastase: Ciment Thermique


What do I do to relax: Maintaining my Gel nails. I have an endless range of shades, and ideas for different nail designs. 

Best Decade: 1980's. This decade was most certainly defined by materialism. A lot of bold looks, and fashion labels became more recognizable. I am fond of the bold, chic and sophisticated looks for hairstyles. 

Why I do what I do: Feeling fabulous and confident are two qualities I value, so sharing my ability to let this be seen in others gives me great joy! I strive to make each person feel as though their hair is their most valuable accessory!

Who is my Industry Inspiration: My co-workers. Every day I am surrounded by stylist who are passionate about their careers, and are always working hard to grow and excel as professionals!

Music: I am a chameleon when it comes to music genres, and can listen and enjoy just about anything you give me! Currently, electronic and progressive house is my go to. Any "Feel Good" music with a beat!

Favourite Season: Fall

Colour: Blue

Favourite Place in Stratford: Kandy Cake (cupcakes...mmmm)

Fashion Icon: Modern day fashion bloggers are where I look to for fresh new styling ideas. 

What my Co-Workers say about me: Josy always maintains a very professional personality at work, but still managed to let her quick witty comments sneak out when the timing is right! A "fashionista," and very trendy with her own clothing and hairstyles.

Fun Facts about myself: Growing up I played the Baritone Saxophone in an instrumental band, and Saxophone Quartet. I rent one every year at Christmas time so I can play my favourite carols.

SPECIALTIES: Styling, Long Hair, Blondes, Updos, Balayage, Colour Change

Current Prices:





HIGHLIGHTS: $85-$125.